The 21st International Multisensory Research Forum will take place at Bluepoint center in Brussels, Belgium on June 27-30, 2023
(Address: Blvd Auguste Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels)



Keynotes speakers

We are delighted to release the names of the 3 keynote lectures at IMRF2023. 

More exciting information coming soon….

Selected Symposia

  • How does Multisensory computation vary across the sensory hierarchy?
  • Where, when and how? Targeting the neural mechanisms and cortical network dynamics underlying multisensory perception
  • Resolving old debates, posing new questions: Factors influencing the development of multisensory processes in typical and atypical populations
  • Post-natal transient blindness: how does the visual system cope with it? 
  • How spontaneous activity and sensory experience sculpt multisensory connectivity in cortical and subcortical brain regions 
  • The intimate interplay of movement and touch 
  • Naturalistic movies and novel resting-state approaches; non-classical methods in plasticity research 
  • Multisensory interactions in three-dimensional peri- and extrapersonal space
  • The multisensory nose: How odors interact with the other senses in humans 
  • The development of audiotactile and visuotactile integration for human body representations from infancy to adolescence
  • Multisensory processing in face-to-face communication 
  • Recent advances in multisensory research methods 


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For those in need of an invitation letter for Visa application, please get in touch with us at imrf2023@gmail.com or olivier.collignon@uclouvain.be.



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  • close MARCH 29 (NEW DATES)

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