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Brussels Airport 

The Belgian National Airport is Zaventem, just next to Brussels.

The airport has its own train station (Brussels National Airport), with direct trains to the main train stations in Brussels ( The station is underneath the airport and is accessed via lifts and escalators in the arrivals hall.

 You can also take a bus (line 12 from STIB).

Several car hire companies also operate from Brussels Airport. 

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (60 km from Brussels) 

Brussels is a one hour train ride from Brussels South Charleroi Airport (

There are buses from the airport to Charleroi railway station and trains from Charleroi to Brussels. Several car hire companies also operate from Charleroi Airport.

Another easy way to reach Brussels from Brussels South Charleroi Airport is to take a direct shuttle bus from the company Flibco (



 Brussels is extremely well connected to many major European cities by train ( or 

 By Thalys to Brussels South:

  • From Paris Nord: 1,5 hours

  • From Amsterdam: 2 hours

  • From Cologne: 2 hours

 By Eurostar to Brussels South:

  • From London: 2 hours


  • From Lille: 0,5 hours

  • From Marseille: 5,5 hours


  • From Berlin: 7 hours


Rem. Brussels South Charleroi Airport is the airport located in the city of Charleroi, around 60km from Brussels, while Brussels South train station is in the city of Brussels. 

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